Back to school

Two days ago, on the 1st September,  the new school year started in my country, in Poland. Loads of students packed their backpacks and returned to school. Probably none of them did it with a lot of joy or happiness – who likes going to school, right? Almost nobody enjoyes learning every single afternoon or doing homework; getting up early and having no free time to go out with friends or watch favourite TV series on Netflix. So, yeah, school is no fan actually. OK, you can find your friends there or learn something fascinating, but we will all agree: there are much more disadvantages than advantages (this is what at least 60% of student think)

You have less time to do what you love. Sad but true. There won’t be any long holidays to travel and forget about your duties… {I know, it’s not optimistic at all}. But you can still explore, if you only want to! Every day of your life can show you something new, something that will change absolutely everything you have ever thought about the world before. A good habit is going out for walks everyday. I do this because I have a dog (I will write more about him in my next posts) and as any other dog, he needs walks (that’s something obvious, I think). On my everyday walks I try to observe the world around me – I listen to the birds’ singing, taste the air, smell leaves of the plants growing next to me, watch everyday life. Sometimes I discover very surprising things, like: ‘Oh, did this tree grow here earlier? It’s too big to be planted yesterday.’  or ‘No, this house has never been so small!’. Maybe that’s weird what I tell you but try to observe world around you properly and believe me, you will see some differences – maybe small and unimportant, as people may think but… You will see – these differences really can change your life a little bit.

So, what I want to get you over is simple: never stop exploring. Don’t let everyday routines make your days boring. Everyday shouldn’t be the same! Because today is the right day to live, to make changes and to do things you love. As I said, try to observe, what’s going on around you. Maybe the air smells of summer, of joy, of a variation of positive emotions? Take a deep breath. Do you feel the taste of the air you breathe with? Is it sweet? Or you just are unable to describe this taste, it’s too good, right? Open your ears, do you hear the birds singing on the tree’s branches above you? The melody sounds great, doesn’t it? What are the birds talking about right now? Is it something important for them or their conversation is only an everyday small talk? Stop for a while and think of such a small thing. Small – but making a difference that you may see soon.

I’d like to finish this post with Dalai Lama’s quote, which, I think is really good. Try to remember it and find your inspiration.

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.”
Dalai Lama XIV


2 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Great! I love it, Basia! You are really optimistic girl! I would like think the same! Thank you for this post! I’m wainting for next! See you tomorrow, in school!

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