We actually know the way

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Some time ago, I observed, that small, meaningless things make me wonder. Really. I’ll give you an example…

During the Halloween, some children came to my hause and asked for some candy. Recently, I’ve been trying to follow a healthy diet, so I didn’t have any at home. I realised when it was too late. The first group of kids came and… I had no sweets to give them. I looked at my fruit basket and felt relieved, I could give them apples! Healthy, sweet and delicious fruit aren’t worse than chocolate bars, jellies or crisps, are they? When I gave the apple to a ten-year-old boy, he said to his friend: ‘Oh, an apple. Not so bad. It’s gonna be a healthy snack for later’.

And these short sentences he said, made me think about healthy lifestyle. I realised, that we all know what a healthy diet is like. Even young kids are tought that it’s good to eat fruit and veggies and bad to eat too many chocolate bars or other stuff like that. We all know that. We are all aware of bad results of eating junkfood, going to fast-food bars, where the meals are really poor in nutritions and really rich in calories. Why do we still do this? We know the horrible consequences, like for example obesity, diabetes, heart problems. Unhealthy diet in the early stage of life can make the future much worse. Why do we make ourselves suffer from many illnesses, if we are able to avoid them?

Alcohol and cigarettes are poison for the humans. But we still drink and smoke. Where’s the sense? We are somehow killing ourselves. I can’t understand that. We know that something’s bad, unhealthy, dreadful,even lethal for us, but we still countinue doing it.

Maybe the best way to stay healthy, vital for a long time is simply avoiding the bad things? Replacing unhealthy habits with the healthy ones?

I hope this entry will make you think. See you soon!

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