An amazing experience of Tarja’s concert

On Monday, 5th December I went with my dad to a concert. It wasn’t an ordinary concert that I have attended before. Since the beginning of the school year, I’ve been to one or two music shows – but none of them was my favourite artist’s one!
So, on Monday I experienced the second in my life concert from Tarja Turunen! If you don’t know the artist, please listen to some of her songs. She’s a very popular rock/metal star from Finland. She used to be the Singer in Nightwish – another great symphonic metal band. Anyway, Tarja is very meaningful for me. I discovered her beautiful music a couple years ago – maybe I was 11 at the time. I fell in love with her! Her music is not only about the sound of electric guitars, drums, keyboard and cello – it’s her voice what make her songs so incredible and unique. She has a great talent and gorgeous
opera-like voice. Oh my gosh, I love it so much!
But I would love to tell you about my experiences from the concert. As always, I went there with my dad {we have a similar music taste so almost everytime we attend concerts together}. We reached the music club a few minutes before the last support had finished their performance. We bought a concert T-shirt for me (it’s wonderful!) and went to the concert room. There wasn’t a big crowd there, as the concert hasn’t started yet. We found a nice place for us and waited for Tarja to come.

And that’s how most of our concerts would look like – we are together and listen to good music. But this time was slightly different… ‘Basia’ – said daddy – ‘Go nearer to the stage. Young people like you are there. Come on, you’ll have a lot of fun!’. It was an incredibly difficult decision to make, like to go or not to go, this was the question! But I thought: ‘NO, I have to go there! If I don’t do it, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life’. It was the best decision I could make at the time. I joined the thick crowd three metres in the front of the stage. I felt… like never before.

Do you know the feeling during a concert of your favourite band? When nothing else than music is important? The crowd and I were the same thing – a living, moving creature. We all felt the same music differently, found different emotions in it. But our reaction was similar; we were jumped, clapping our hands, singing with Tarja, showing our happiness that we were there. Oh, believe me, this concert is going to be one of those forever-lasting memories for me.


After the concert, I managed to get a signature from Tarja and one of the guitarists. I’m so happy! And excited! dkewjdieiefiehwfuiwehiuqjpoejwqoemjfkewfiewiuhewf [sorry for that but I’m really excited!]


I can’t wait for the next concert that I’m going to attend on 24th January in Progresja Music Club in Warsaw. I’m super excited to listen to Epica on their concert in Poland!

Thank you for reading this post and generally visiting my blog. Every comment, like or follower means a lot to me, so please, do it! For you it’s just a click! Thank you!

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