Christmas… is over

Hello, everyone!

I hope you enjoyed Christmas this year. Let me know what you got in the comments below. I got a lot of stuff (also because my birthday is on 26th December). My favourites are: a soft, fluffy blanket from Home&You and a wonderful vegan recipe book ‘Jadłonomia’ (it’s a Polish book by Marta Dymek – I’m gonna write a couple of posts with recipes from her fantastic book- so get ready for loads of delicious vegan food!)
But anyway, today I want to write about the Christmas atmosphere. I love the warmth, the lights… I love spending time with my family: having our meals together, playing board games, talking till late… It’s so wonderful to me… We have enough time to celebrate Christmas, to be calm, not in a hurry. I enjoy waking up later, putting on elegant clothes… Christmas is just wonderful!
I think my favourite day from whole Christmas season is the Christmas Eve. It’s so family-like. All day, we prepare food for the dinner, clean our house… but then, in the evening we just sit together by the table and enjoy our meal, our lovely atmosphere. Oh, I love it so very much!


There’s a tradition in Poland that for the Christmas Eve dinner there should be 12 dishes [we very rarely manage to make so many]. This year we had some borsch with uszka (little pierogi – some kind of dumplings with some stuffing inside), sauerkraut, sauerkraut with peas, herrings, potatoes,  baked sweet potatoes, compote made from dried fruit and fried carp. My mum and my grandma made some cakes as well: cheesecake (my favourite), apple pie, poppyseed cake, honey cake… omnomnom…

Some people try not to eat so much during Christmas. They count their calories, workout a lot. But come on, Christmas is the time of the year, when you should not care about anything. Just enjoy your time, be happy and joyful. Be grateful you can spend this wonderful time in peace.
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2 thoughts on “Christmas… is over

  1. I love Christmastime, too. I really enjoy giving and of course getting presents. This year I got new phone and ‘royal’ silvern pen. I’m glad of my gifts and I hope that my family are happy of gifts from me.

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