Dear Smoker

Dear Smoker,
How are you? I’m not writing to you because I want to tell you how bad and unhealthy the smoking is. I would like to ask you some questions. But you don’t have to answer. I want you only to think of the answers deep inside your heart, mind, I don’t know. I just want you to start thinking.
I think I get it. You feel stressed. So you smoke. It makes you feel better, relieved. It gives you a fake complacency, you think that all of your problems ar far, far away and you don’t have to worry about them. OK, maybe.

Or… You might think that smoking makes you more ‘cool’, ‘fashionable’. Maybe the people you call your friends smoke as well and you just want to be like them? Yes, of course. All of the people around you smoke so why don’t you do it? Hey, it can’t be so bad…
Or maybe smoking makes you feel more mature. Come on, you’re a teenager, you’re almost 18! You can do whatever you want! Adults smoke, so… if you also do it, you are so mature as the adults, right? You want to show the world how intelligent, how mature, how free you are….
An interesting point of view.
So smoking simply makes you feel… better, more confident. Okay. I don’t really understand, but okay. Your choice.

But… Is it really worth it? Look. Smoking has loads of consequences that are very, very bad for your health? Do you know how many people die of lung cancer each year? Over 35, 500 people in the UK. And over 150,000 in the US. Mostly because of smoking. I bet that most of the people sick on lung cancer, regret that they have smoked so much.
Cigarettes cost a lot. Why do you spend so much money on them? Wouldn’t it be better and nicer for you not to buy 3 packages of cigarettes and go to the cinema instead?
And the last thing I wanted to tell you, dear Smoker… The smell is… not good, believe me. Smoking stinks, honestly talking. And that’s not good. You can trust me. And also, your teeth, your nails, your skin… everything gets yellow and bad-looking.
Thank you for reading my letter. I hope that next time you smoke, you’ll keep in mind my letter and the sad consequences of smoking that I wrote about.
Best regards,

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